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          Automatic Cross Cutting Tester

          BEVS 2211

          Adjustable running speed 

          Adjustable stroke length

          Adjustable cutting space and times

          Digitally display load

          CONTACT US

          After Sales Service

          BEVS Product Warranty Terms

          1. From the date of shipment, if there is any quality problem with items, BEVS provides a new one for replacement and warranty policy to ensure that the product is under normal installation and use, without any hidden dangers in materials and manufacturing, to ensure that clients can use BEVS products with confidence.

          2. Any damage caused by natural disasters, other external factors or improper operation, etc.; damage caused by the user without the authorization of BEVS; whether the product is damaged due to the above reasons or not, BEVS has the final right to judge whether it is within the scope of replacement and warranty or not.

          3. The product purchased by the user can be replaced and repaired by a purchase date voucher. For products that exceed the replacement period, the user can repair the product with the product warranty card and the purchase date voucher. Products that have been replaced or repaired by BEVS have a 90-day warranty period. The final warranty date is determined by comparing the last day of the warranty period with the last day of the 90-day warranty period after replacement and repair, whichever is the last day.

          4. BEVS provides lifetime fee repair for products that are out of warranty or do not meet warranty conditions.

          5. All new, warranty or repair products, users bear the shipping cost and risk of delivery timeliness.

          6. Other verbal commitments that conflict with this warranty are subject to the terms of this warranty.

          7. BEVS's responsibility for the manufacture, sale and use of the product shall not exceed the original cost of the product; BEVS does not assume any joint liability.

          8. The right to interpret this clause belongs to BEVS Industrial Co., Ltd.


          If you need after-sales service, please download the following form to fill in the information and send it to the address in the form with the faulty instrument. BEVS staff will contact you as soon as possible after receiving the package.

          BEVS Repair Form.docx

          *If you buy items from a local distributor, please contact it firstly.

          *If you have any questions, please contact sales@bevsinfo.com

          Calibration and Maintenance Service

          If you need calibration or maintenance service, please download the following form and send the completed form to sales@bevsinfo.com. BEVS staff will contact you as soon as possible.
          Instrument Calibration and Maintenance Form.xlsx

          *If you buy items from a local distributor, please contact it firstly.

          *If you have any questions, please contact sales@bevsinfo.com