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          Automatic Cross Cutting Tester

          BEVS 2211

          Adjustable running speed 

          Adjustable stroke length

          Adjustable cutting space and times

          Digitally display load


          BEVS Big Data platform


          1) Structure: equipped with various sensors, CCD, smart chip, actuator, etc.

          2) Data source:

          - Machine self-test: power supply, voltage, temperature and humidity, status diagnosis of various components, life, warranty maintenance, records, etc.

          - Substrate: substrate properties and composition parameters, coatings composition and parameters

          - Test process: speed, force, imaging, coating structure, analysis and judgment, factors affecting the operation process, etc.

          - Test results: test data, test reports, etc.

          3) Data processing: cloud platform server, big database

          4) Application: artificial intelligence data call, industry knowledge base, research and development technology library