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          Automatic Cross Cutting Tester

          BEVS 2211

          Adjustable running speed 

          Adjustable stroke length

          Adjustable cutting space and times

          Digitally display load


          Intelligent Robotic Coating Station
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          Station Description

          With the development of Industry 4.0 and improve the competitiveness of products, accelerating the speed of research and development, BEVS has developed the first small intelligent robot coating station in the paints and coatings industry.

          BEVS 3228N Intelligent Robotic Coating Station is an intelligent small workstation which integrates intelligent instrument, robot, automatic control system and testing material.

          The robot automatically completes the loading and unloading, realizes the rapid automatic drawdown film, greatly improves the reproducibility and efficiency of the coating, and obtains the uniform coating film in physical properties, appearance and chemical properties. All kinds of instability caused by the factors such as velocity, pressure and direction in the coating process were eliminated, and a high precision testing result was provided for testing rheological properties, wear resistance and hiding power of the material and so on.


          -Real time Data encrypted transmission

          -Testing automatically

          -Free combination of instruments and equipment

          -System work by remote command

          -Data, analysis, and result report can be obtained at anytime and anywhere

          -Sharing with intelligent and automated production workshop

          -Shorten the R & D and testing cycle time.

          -High efficiency and greatly reduced R & D cost

          -Data saving and output

          -Fast automatic drawdown with different coatings

          -Environmental protection, energy-saving and confined space



          Suitable for coatings, inks, packaging, printing, chemicals, universities, research institutes, testing institutions etc.


          -Store many substrate panels at same time and load it automatically and quickly

          -Place several bar coaters at same time and load & unload the bar coaters by robot automatically and quickly

          -Put a variety of paints at same time, automatically load and upload the paint by robot

          -Drawdown by robot, higher consistency and stability

          -Fully automatic operations in the testing process, automatically load panel into shelves

          -Modular designs, convenient maintenance and enable rapidly upgrade

          -A variety of drawdown modes can be selected. Drawdown can be repeat for one paint or turn into different paints


          Technical Specifications

          Continuous coating drawdown speed: 40 s/pcs

          Duration of working: 7 x 24h

          Compatible paints: 10 kinds of paints

          Maximum storage standard panels: 100 pcs

          Maximum storage panel bracket: 5 pcs

          Maximum storage coated panels: 20 pcs

          Standard Substrate size (maximum): 150 x70mm (Can customize the fixtures of different sizes)

          Test platform: Standard cement slab

          Coating tool: Bar Coater



          Power:2.5 KW

          Air pressure: 0.5 Mpa (no oil and no water)

          Workstation size: 1400 X 1240 X 2030 mm (L X W X H)

          Installation space >:3500 X 2700 X 3000 mm (L X W X H)

          Operating environment

          Temperature: +15-35 ℃

          Humidity: 20-80% RH (non - condensation)

          Vibration: <4.9 ㎡/s





          Storing panel bracket ,substrate panels,   drawdown panels


          Bar coater holder


          storage holder after drawdown panel


          Beaker holder


          Coating application platform


          Syringe holder


          Holder for transferring fresh panels




          Mechanism for load and upload trays and drawdown   panel




          Ultrasonic cleaning bath


          Touch screen