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          Automatic Drawdown Master

          Auto drawdown releases your hands

          Auto drawdown provides good samples 

          Light source brings better observation


          Customized Product

          BEVS provides customized services, which can be customized according to customers' requirements. 

          1) Manual Film Applicators: film width, film thickness and accuracy can be made as requested.

          Item Film Width (mm) Film Thickness   (μm) Example
          Single Sided   Applicator Min: 5mm Min: 2μm 1540541380534028193.png
          Two Sided   Applicator
          Four Sided   Applicator
          Adjustable   Applicator Min: 35mm 0-3500μm 1540776592334027353.png
          Adjustable Digital  Applicator Min: 60mm 0-3500μm 1540776785507029657.png

          2) Finess of Grind Gauge 

          Item Grooves Scale (μm) Size Example
          Single Channel   Grind Gauge 1 Min: 0-10μm
          As requested 1540541910636070359.png
          Double Channel   Grind Gauge 2 1540541928448053384.png
          Triple Channel   Grind Gauge 3 1540541942538039287.png
          Wide Single Channel Grind Gauge 1 1540541955335071812.png

          3) Customized Automatic Film Applicator


          4) Other Items, such as wet abraison scrub tester, linear abraser, etc.