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          Automatic Cross Cutting Tester

          BEVS 2211

          Adjustable running speed 

          Adjustable stroke length

          Adjustable cutting space and times

          Digitally display load


          • Cooperation Mutually dependent and win-win cooperation

            BEVS’s third supplier conference was successfully held on December 26, 2018. The representatives of our QC department, purchasing department, production department attended the conference with representatives of suppliers from all over the country.

          • Cooperation Vestel audited BEVS

            On August 20, 2018, Mr. Erkut, global resource manager of Vestel company, audited our company on the spot. Vestel Elektronik A.?. Established in 1984, which is the largest manufacturer of e..........

          • Cooperation BEVS, honored to be the partner of Microsoft

            It’s good news that the duopoly of the bygone PC era — Microsoft and Intel, also known as “WinTel” — are teaming up again to play a more active role in the messy world of virtual reality. By..........

          • Cooperation Forum between BEVS and Foxconn

            In order to further strengthen our cooperation with Foxconn Group, we BEVS were invited to Foxconn factory to hold a technical exchange c about surface detection products, our engineer expla..........

          • Cooperation Japanese distributor visited BEVS in June

            Last week, The CEO of BEVS's Japanese distributor(Allgood) , came to China to visit the BEVS company and received a warm reception by the company's all departments. Based on long-term friend..........